• Our Best Wishes to the People of Florida

    It's always devastating when people are taken from life before their time, especially in such a senseless act of violence that occurred here in the US in Orlando today. Many of our friends hail from Florida whether it be members of the Grand Brony Gala group, the various meetup groups in the State or my girlfriend that lives on the outskirts of Orlando and today they are hurting along with the rest of the world as we try to cope with this horrible tragedy.

    As with other unfortunate world events we've posted before on the site tonight is a moment to talk, grieve, and share your sympathies for the victims and the people of Florida. We at EqD give our most heartfelt condolences and wish everyone affected by this event the very best.

    Please keep things civil in the comments and please try to refrain from bringing up politics, religion or other hot button issues. This should be a safe place to wish our friends down in Florida the best and take a moment to remember the victims of this event.