• MLP:CCG Store Championships July 16-24 - Stores sign up now!

    Store Championships for the official My Little Pony CCG are coming to the US and Canada July 16-24, and there are some fun goodies for those who can make it, plus it's a great chance to try out new Marks in Time cards with like-minded card-slingers. Just be sure your store has signed up or you might miss out!

    Every participant gets a special foil Apple Bloom, Re-Markable and the new Unicorn token starring Sweetie Belle, plus the top eight at each event gets the special foil version of Napcakes. The top two players also get invites to compete in the Continental Championships at Gen Con 2016!

    Stores should be signing up ASAP, so be sure to ask your local store management if they've heard about it and signed up - after all, it's free for the store to order a Store Champs kit, so what have they got to lose? Store organizers should head over here to sign up.