• MLP:CCG July Store Championships Map now up

    The map of July Store Championships locations for the official My Little Pony CCG is now up here. If you were hoping for a local event but don't see one there, don't fret - just have your local store management reach out to info@enter-play.com ASAP to get them added before it's too late!

    Planning to play? Be sure to give your local store a call to double-check the format, date, and time, since event schedules can change, and each store can choose if they're doing Harmony or Draft format for their event. And to recap for those catching up, each participant gets the special foil Apple Bloom, Re-Markable you see above, plus the Sweetie Belle Unicorn Token beside her. The top eight players at each store also get the special foil Napcakes on the right, and the top two are invited to compete in the Continental Championships at Gen Con 2016.