• Hasbro Revolution Launching this Summer from IDW Publishing!

    For anyone following any of the major comic book news websites, IDW has announced that they're creating a new shared comic universe based on their licensed Hasbro Properties.  Kicking off this September with with a 5 part, bi-weekly crossover mini-series titles Revolution.

    When reached for comment specifically about My Little Pony possible involvement in the crossover, IDW MLP Comic editor Bobby Curnow had this to say:
    Not so much a crossover as a shared universe. At this time there’s no plans to include MLP, but it’s possible.
    So we won't be seeing the awesomeness that is Snake Eyes riding on Rainbow Dash as they charge into battle to take out Deceptions disguised as Cobra Rattlers quite yet. But this does open up possibilities for potential crossovers.

    Special thanks to Chevistain1 and everyone else who sent it in for the heads up!