• Gameloft iTunes Game Releases Version 2.9 - Fashion Show and More Added

    A new update has been released for the Gameloft My Little Pony game, with Coco Pommel taking the place of the usual icon in this round. Updates include:

    Fashion Show - Craft outfits & complete collections to earn prizes. Complete all the collections in time to win a special bundle!

    New Characters - Give a warm welcome to Charity Kindheart, Wind Rider & Misty Fly, Gustave le Grand and more, as they rush to join your Equestria!

    2 New Shops - Assign your ponies to the Strawberry Shop & Pony Pavilion.

    New Decorations - Beautify your Equestria with the Crystal Sculpture, Alicorn Figure, Sands of Time and other dazzling decorations!

    Download it on iTunes here and Android here, though it looks like Android hasn't gotten the update yet.