• Celestia Day Reminder - Urgent Need of Material

    Celestia Day is only a couple days away as the Summer Solstice approaches on June 20th and like with Fluttershy Day before it we are in a desperate need of material. With 11 emails received so far we don't really have enough material to give our best effort for the event so it's up to you guys to help fill the gap!

    Send in whatever you like that's Celestia related (art, music, animations, plushies, ect) to submit@equestriadaily.com with the subject header Celestia Day. Please make sure to also put in the header what you are sending in. Try to keep different types of media separate and not all crammed into one email.

    Material can be old or new!

    Thanks to everyone who has sent in material so far!

    Twitter: Calpain