• Artist Spotlight: Obpony / Maggwai / Vinicius

    Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of the Artist Spotlight, where we hope to highlight some artists you may not have heard of before. We've got a nice mix of artists today that I hope you'll find enjoyable.

    So let's jump in and appreciate some artwork my friends!

    I am currently not accepting anymore artists for the spotlight as I still have 120 emails to go through. I'm going to start from the beginning (emails from 2013) and try my best to clear all these guys out. If you sent in an artist before, thank you so much for your patience! I never expected this feature to take off like it did so I'm a bit overwhelmed.

    Check out our spreadsheet here to see who has been featured!


    First up on the list today is an artist that specializes in the realm of the high detail! Muscles, fur, eyes, backgrounds, Obpony has seen and done them all in pain staking detail. But it isn't just the detail that makes Obpony's gallery worth visiting, it's also the wide variety of themes they cover in their pictures. From somber pieces in the rain to colorful joy as seen in the header picture, Obpony is sure to have something for everyone in their gallery.

    Obpony's Gallery


    Where Obpony excels in detailed pieces, our next artist excels in muted, slice of life creations. The ability for the show to pull off slice of life scenarios so well shows up constantly in Maggwai's artwork, whether it be Twilight spending an evening in reading, Rarity on the farm or AJ collecting firewood, they are pieces that invoke the spirit of the show and it shows wonderfully. Combined with a muted color palette, going for more realistic colors than ones that pop, Maggwai's pictures look almost hand painted and give off a wonderful soft feeling.

    Maggwai's Gallery


    Last but not least on our list today is an artist that takes a rougher stab at digital painting but is no less impressive! While the artwork appears more fuzzy in comparison to our last artist there is a great amount of detail contained in each piece, whether it be the characters or the backgrounds, making them dynamic and full of life.

    Vinicius' Gallery

    Twitter: Calpain