• "The Saddle Row Review": Episode Followup

    So there we were at the Equestria Daily offices, sitting around a pile of upcoming episode names and, if we were lucky, a description or two. It was time to dole out Followup responsibilities so we could plan who was available to cover them.

    I had my eye on one that seemed to involve Applejack at a spa, but after glare that could kill a wildcat from CouchCrusader, I chose a Rarity-centric one instead. After all, I did cover Rarity's last excursion into Manehattan.

    Frankly, I think I won out. Beyond the break: Rarity vs. Raccoons

    Rainbow? Can't you fly, like, really fast? If this was important? Why wait for everyone?

    I guess it gives her time to exposit the entire episode's plot.

    And lo, through the magic of rips in space time, I felt this scene become a meme before it even happened.

    The Saddle Row Review?

    Prior to the airing, the working title was Saddle Row & Rec. Someone goofed somewhere. I even had to change my header image. I want to speak to the manager.

    I got a little nervous at the length at which Rarity began reading the review out loud. Of course, the pacing quickly settled from there, and it turned out to be quite an effective transition.

    Let that be a lesson, kids: always eat your vegetables.

    Wait, no- always look both ways before...

    int i = ++i + i++;

    invokes undefined behavior according to the C standard. I'm bad at this.

    It's the one that says "bada[buy some apples!]cker" on it.

    Hold on, Commissioner Gordon wasn't in Pulp Fiction.

    I'm told Saddle Row is probably a reference to Savile Row in London, which is famous for traditional bespoke tailoring for men. The ending of the episode seems to support this with stallions being the first to enter the boutique.

    On the other hand... hey, I'm not judging them for being into dresses.

    Bonus points for Applejack's eye-rolling in this shot.

    The Saddle Row Review, where we learn Twilight is actually a hummingbird and Fluttershy is really good friends with Chrysalis.

    Even in Equestria, Russian horses have a propensity for Adidas track suits and generally acting like gangsters. I'm surprised he didn't start squatting and smoking a cigarette.

    "It costs 400,000 bits to rent this building... for twelve seconds."

    I'm having trouble not screencapping every time they go back to the diner for the interviews, so I'll justify this one as being my face whenever I try to make references in these as well as Aquaman.

    Rarity didn't really like Zootopia.

    Alternate joke: Rarity didn't really like Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Well, I guess they figured they had to get their money's worth for that prop Vinyl is spinning.

    Anyone see a shark?

    Not to be too on the nose, but these two weren't at the same table in previous scenes.

    Best ship.

    And lo, through the magic of rips in space time, I felt this scene become a meme before it even happened.

    The name pronunciation isn't catching on, guys. Quit while you're ahead.

    Yes, I am fun at parties.

    I didn't know Coco lived in Texas. Allergies aren't a joke, kids.

    This cut back to the diner was also completely superfluous and I loved it.

    I'm putting on my reviewer hat for a second, even though that's not what these are for.

    These cutaways to the interviews seem to come in at exactly the right timing to not get annoying, while also cutting the action nicely. This one punctuated the end of a commercial, which was a great transition. They don't feel forced at all, which would have been easy to do.

    The phrase "pacing issues" is often leveled at these episodes as critiques, but I don't feel that's valid here. Everything feels tight and well-timed. They took a risk with the structure and it paid off. Shoutout to Nick Confalone for knocking it out of the park.

    It took Rarity a whole half an episode to start losing her mind. I'm impressed, in reality. It even sounds like she's keeping it together better than usual.

    Character development!

    Callbacks! Oh, yeah, the mirror pool too. I was referring to the pancakes.

    I had to rewatch a good portion of the next part because I lost my marbles to this face.

    Congratulations Rainbow Dash, you're the new Rarity.

    Shoutout to Ashleigh for finally snapping after being in a recording booth with Tabitha for years.

    Hey, that alicorn Rarity animation error from years ago is actually canon.

    The question then becomes what isn't canon in Pinkie's head, though.

    Pinkie also only rolls nat 20's for speech checks.

    If someone shows up to a future pony convention dressed as Rainbow Dash wearing a chair, I'm going to be charged with something approaching manslaughter.

    In my headcanon, Twilight preemptively paid the delivery pony to mess up the order of clothes in the first act so she could spend the evening organizing it.

    You can't cease and desist me, I'm already dead.

    Sadly, as we know, Twilight's attempt at murder here ultimately fails.

    An old point, for sure, but Vinyl being mute is probably the best thing about her being in the show.

    "I needed to give Rainbow something to do in this episode." - Nick Confalone, probably.

    Presented without comment or shame.
    Okay, I'll try.


    And lo, through the magic of rips... no, please god, we don't need to start this phrase again. It's beating a dead horse.

    Wait, damn.

    "Why didn't you tell me there were so many problems?"

    "We all figured you had enough on your mind. And let's be honest, it was pretty funny locking you in the display case."

    I think we can safely end there. No one's asked for my opinion, of course, but I very much enjoyed this episode. It played off a new format nicely and the boarders absolutely nailed it. Nick, you are officially forgiven for bringing Trixie back to the show.

    Verdict: sweep/10