• Music of the Day #665

    Baseball rave pony needs MORE BEATS. The fandom delivered.

    Get a ton of music below as always!

    [1] Source

    Syntax Theory - Heart Stay True by Syntax Theory

    Vocal/Remixish - Glitch

    [2] Source

    Say Goodbye to the Holiday - BriLizyT Cover by BriLizy T


    [3] Source

    Arcade Adventure | By YapSap by YapSap

    Instrumental - Orchestral / 8 bit

    [4] Source

    [PMV] Sparkling Hearts (a tribute to Twilight Sparkle & Flurry Heart) by SuperCharger Dave


    [5] Source

    Segments Of life - Rock On! by Segments Of Life

    Instrumental - Post Hardcore / HardStyle

    [6] Source

    Spectra & Acouste Wholenote - Behind Those Eyes (A&R Remix) by Andrew & Ric

    Remix - House

    [7] Source

    Raging Rarity- Lucent Dreams (DisCHORD Remix) by DisCHORDDubstep

    Remix - Dubstep

    [8] Source

    Sprocket - The Eternal ft. Joseph Campbell by Sprocket Doggingsworth

    Instrumental - Piano / Orchestral

    [9] Source

    NekoWolf - To The Sky (R3CTIFIER Bootleg) by R3CTIFIER

    Vocal Clip - Dance / House