• Music of the Day #664

    Chloe pony here presenting some music. Unfortunately none of it is very hipster or punk, but she likes it anyway.

    Go get them below.

    [1] Source

    Luna's Future | MLP | Piano/Orchestral Cover by Matías Peñaloza

    Remix - Piano

    [2] Source

    ArkticSkies - Rainy Days by ArkticSkies

    Instrumental - Chillout

    [3] Source

    うすうすベア - SWEEP SWEEP (うすうすベア K.O.G G3 MIX) by InklingBear

    Remix - Euro Rave

    [4] Source

    Stringatorium (Octavia) - Lunar Dance by Lunar Dance

    Instrumental - Big Room House

    [5] Source

    Egor Lappo - Twilight's Sweep Song [Metal Remix] by Egor Lappo

    Remix - Metal

    [6] Source

    NeverLastStanding - Hyperion (P@D) by NeverLastStanding

    Instrumental - Glitch Hop

    (From Ponies at Dawn - uploads of these will go motd to not flood the main page. Get the album here. )

    [7] Source

    (Electro) Flight Mission: Icarus by Steampowered Clock Music

    Vocal - Electronic