• Music of the Day #663

    Rave it up rave pony!

    We have more of those crazy songs for you all below the break. Go get em!

    [1] Source

    Hesitation (A song for Rarity) by GuitarBrony13

    [2] Source

    D3LTA - Thousand Nights by D3LTA

    [3] Source

    Crystal Slave - Can't Do Without You by Crystal Slave

    [1] Source

    Landscapes at Night by Modern Bard

    Instrumental - Ambient

    [2] Source

    Egor Lappo - Say Goodbye to the Holiday [Metal Remix] by Egor Lappo

    Remix - Metal

    [3] Source

    [Orchestral] Comet Glider - Brothers of Steel by Comet Glider

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [4] Source

    [COVER][INSTRUMENTAL] Luna's Battle Theme - TheRip by TheRip

    Instrumental - Rock

    [5] Source

    RoyalX- Pinkie's Presents (Trapstep Remix) by royalpony5300

    Remix - Trapstep

    [6] Source

    Invasion Of Canterlot (Original Mix) by Light Assassin

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [7] Source

    Pony I Wanna Be (NekoWolf Remix) - Daniel Ingram by NekoWolfMusic

    Remix - Future House

    [8] Source

    Luna's Future - My Little Pony: FiM - Instrumental Synthesia Piano Cover by Dmitriev MLP Channel

    Remix - Piano