• Music of the Day #660

    I wonder what music Trixie is listening to? Who would her favorite singer be?

    Go get arts below! 

    [1] Source

    ChickenSteve - Trapped (ft. Günz Brony) by ChickenSteve

    Vocal - Electronic

    [2] Source

    Del Rom - Blind & Deaf by Del Rom

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [3] Source

    【Future House】Budzy - Hot Chocolate (Xavi Remix) by XAVI

    Instrumental - Future House

    [4] Source

    Bossy - Better Time [Time To Party EP] by Bossy

    Instrumental - House

    [5] Source

    Octavia ~ 7 Years Old Cover by Octavia Melody

    Instrumental - Cover

    [6] Source

    GhostXb - From Light (Piano Theme for Radiant Hope) by GhostXb

    Instrumental - Piano

    [7] Source

    UndreamedPanic - True Monster by UndreamedPanic

    Instrumental - Riddim

    [8] Source

    My Little Pony (D. Ingram) - Luna's Future (KevinOK remix) by Anton KevinOK

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [9] Source

    A Symphony Of Two - Bonheurs Ephémères (Orchestral) by A Symphony Of Two

    Instrumental - Orchestral