• Music of the Day #657

    Twilight Sparkle dancing on Rainbows~

    Below the break, tons of music of the day! Go get it.

    [1] Source

    Out On My Own (Harmonic Wind Remix) by HarmonicWind

    Remix - Electronic

    [2] Source

    Pacing the Dark (Aelipse Cover) by Redire

    Instrumental - Metal

    [3] Source

    [MLP FiM x Yoshi's Island] World Map (My Little Pony Remix) by KingSpartaX37

    Remix - Mashup

    [4] Source

    Bloodline (ft. Francis Vace) by Mr Mehster

    Vocal - Rock

    [5] Source

    GhostXb - Zapp! by GhostXb

    Instrumental - Symphonic Metal

    [6] Source

    Crusader - Sound Duel by _ Crusader _

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [7] Source

    Budzy - Subconscious [Future Dub Bass] by Budzy~

    Instrumental - Future Bass

    [8] Source

    Official DJRedSkY - Luminescence (P@D Release) by Official DJRedSkY

    Instrumental - House

    [9] Source

    Unleash The Magic - Orchestral Arrangment by ricardofr-200

    Remix - Orchestral

    [10] Source

    Seventh Element - Interior Design For Horses ft J. Free by Seventh Element

    ... wut.  / Acid Techno