• MLP Card Game looking for Volunteers at BronyCon

    Going to BronyCon 2016? Want to have some fun helping out and earn some free swag? It sounds like there might be a place for you, even if you don't play card games. Some volunteers will even be able to help out with Cardapalooza, a multi-convention phenomenon that was born at BronyCon 2014!

    If you want to sign up, here's the link to the form. And here's more info, as posted over on Facebook:
    Our friends at Packbreakers are looking for a few good ponies to help out at the event, and that could include you! Packbreakers is looking for volunteers to help maintain the booth and conduct sales, assist with the logistics for events like Cardapalooza and other panels, and help to run CCG events in The Crystal Arena! All volunteers will receive a special Sunset Shimmer volunteer card, a meal during their shift, and will get store credit for helping out as well -- follow this link to sign up for this fun opportunity!