• Equestria Girls - Twilight's Sleepover Surprise Releases, Journal Delayed Until 2017

    Twilight's Sparkly Sleepover Surprise Cover

    A bit of book news arriving today if you want to read some OFFICIAL pony fanfiction. The 6th installment in the main Equestria Girls series of books has released, titled "Twilight's Sparkly Sleepover Surprise". If you want 208 pages of humanized ponies doing humany things, head on over here for it.

    And in other news, the "Equestria Girls: Journal" book has been delayed until January 3rd, 2017. We do have a slightly different synopsis for that one though. Head on down below to check it out, and avoid it if you want to dodge spoilers!

    Equestria Girls  Journal Synopsis:
    Head back to Canterlot High School with Luna and Celestia in this replica of the teenage sisters' journal! Read their firsthand accounts and discover Canterlot High from the young girls' points of view. Walk the hallways, attend some classes, and take part in the Mane Event!

    Thanks to Maik and Jeffrey for sending it.