• Chibi Vinyl Series 2 High Res Images and Updates Based on Yesterday's Feedback!

    We Love fine sent over some higher resolution images of the Studio Chibi figures they posted for pre-order yesterday, as well as a few details for those confused.

    Along with this, they are reading comments for feedback. Rainbow Dash had her cutie mark fixed from that earlier promo image thanks to you guys, which you can find below the break!

    Head on down below the break for all of them!

    Extra details:

    • Full set of 6 ponies for $90, and Rainbow Dash is an exclusive to the set. 
    • Luna, Celestia, Octavia, and Fluttershy can be bought separately at $15 each
    • Rainbow Dash was actually redesigned from her original standing pose to the flying pose based on feedback in the comments here. Good job! 
    • We Love fine is continuing to read comments and updating based on your feedback, so keep it up. Rainbow Dash has already had her cutie mark fixed.

    (Fixed cutie mark version)