• Pony History of the Day - Unanimous Delivers

    Keeping with our theme lately of revisiting the earliest parts of the fandom, tonight we look at the popular works of Unanimous Delivers whose works were some of the earliest in the fandom to mash up sounds from the show into music and created a video capturing the earliest memes in the fandom at the time (1000 People Clicked).

    Check on after the break from some tunes and some of the earliest pony history and make sure to leave any suggestions you have down in the comments!

    Created in April 2011, 1000 People Clicked was a celebration video Unanimous created for his channel celebrating 1000 followers and showcasing the content he did for his channel. While it is a mixture of ponies and many other things, the video captures very early memes such as "Confound those ponies!", "Secret Butt Fun!" as well as highlighting some of the commercials on the Hub we made fun of back then.

    Overall, an enjoyable piece by itself, but it's nice to see some of our history preserved in a video like this.

    While Unanimous made a splash with his 1000 People Clicked video, he first entered the pony scene with his music. His first hit was Night of Pony released in March 2011 and was followed up by a number of others, particularly Pinkie Trigger also in March 2011 and Ponyville Cantina in September 2011 as some of his most popular.

    Night of Pony also highlights a number of memes created from the show towards the end of the video. Check them out!

    Visit his page below for even more of his creations!

    Twitter: Calpain