• Pony Congress 2016 Crowdfunding Campaign Details

    For all you European bronies looking for another home now that BUCK is gone, the guys over at Pony Congress have released a bit of information on guests and crowdfunding.

    If that sounds interesting to you, head on down below the break for the infos!

    Hello, fandom world!

    The organizers of Pony Congress 2016 are honored and pleased to invite the guests from whole over the world to join us in mutual fun.

    First of all, with great pleasure it is to us to tell you, that our convention will be honoured by two great personalities! It will not only be their first visit in Poland, but in these parts of Europe as well. The performance of this duet will be the main event of our Gala Concert.

    Michelle Creber and Gabriel Brown will be performing for You!

    Yes, you aren’t mistaken, Applebloom and BlackGryph0n will honour us with their presence at ElblÄ…g! Michelle’s parents will arrive also and they will tell us about their experiances with voice acting and music industry.

    As for community guests, for the time being we can announce that we will host such fantastic figures like ShadyVox, Re:Make (AKA AcousticBrony) and Przewalski’s Ponies.
    The guest list will expand for sure, what more famous guests, yet we need your help!
    On our Generosity <https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/pony-congress-2016> website you can show how much of Rarity is in each and every one of You, and help us with donations that will help to invite more guests!

    We are certain that thanks to your help, PCG 2016 will be the best convention in this part of Europe!