• Music of the Day #650

    Would you accept this pairing? Or should Glimglam stay open for whoever?

    Below the break, music of the day! Go get it.

    [1] Source

    Luna's Proposal (Original Song) by Christian Esquivel

    Instrumental - Video Game Style

    [2] Source

    【Bass House】 Xavi - How Uncouth by XAVI

    Instrumental - Bass House

    [3] Source

    Sights Unseen - Never Forget by Sights Unseen

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [4] Source

    [Mlp Cover] Out On My Own Cover! by ~Silver Swirls~

    Remix - Music Box

    [5] Source

    "Enthusiastic" - MLP Parody of "Radioactive" by Joseph Stallion

    Vocal - Parody

    [6] Source

    The Midnight Musician - First Kiss (feat. Love Poisoned) (LeWuut Remix) by LeWuut

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [8] Source

    Rapones - My Marefriend is a Changeling by Laska

    Vocal - Punk Parody

    [9] Source

    SlightlyAmiss - Melodies by SrightryAmiss

    Vocal - Acoustic Ballad

    [10] Source

    FruityFusion - Hit it (Feat. DJ Ferex) by FruityFusion

    Instrumental - Melodic Dubstep