• MLP Comics to Invade Brazil!—Brazilian Portuguese Comic Translation!

    Well, another country can be added to the growing list of Foreign Language Translations of the MLP Comics!

    During Comic Con Experience in São Paulo—back in December of 2015—Panini Comics handed out two MLP post cards as freebies with the purchase of comics from their booth. This in and of itself wouldn't be extraordinary, however the cards featured some very familiar art for those who keep up with the comics.

    (image source)

    In the bottom left hand corner of the postcards it reads "em 2016." No other information came out about the comics from the convention. However one person, by the online handle of Kinomoto, asked Panini via their facebook page whether they are bringing the comics to Brazil. Panini responded with "It's in the plans."

    Currently there isn't an official announcement for the date, format, and release frequency of the comics. If you live in Brazil, be sure to keep an eye out for them and let us know what's going on!

    Special thanks to Gabriela Fluttershy for the EQD heads up and to Tavaresdu and Kinomoto from Sonic Rainboom for documenting this!