• Hasbro Releases 2015 Annual Report. EG Down, MLP Up

    Hasbro just released their 2015 Annual Report which contains a bunch of numbers and the company's intentions coming into the new year! Head on down after the break to check out the report as well as some notable cliff notes!

    Thanks to John for sending it in!

    After browsing through 127 PDF pages, these are the interesting bullet points that I've found that I should bring up:
    • "Core MY LITTLE PONY revenues increased but were, however, more than offset by lower net
    revenues from the MY LITTLE PONY EQUESTRIA GIRLS products."
    • Hasbro is putting a huge focus on Storytelling in their products to keep children and consumers interested in their worlds and characters.
    • "In 2015, MY LITTLE PONY was our top licensed brand."
    • According to the reports, MLP is a billion dollar brand (at retail). Wow.
    • "Growth from the Boys, Games and Preschool categories in 2015 compared to 2014 was partially offset by declines in the Girls category, both as reported and excluding the impact of foreign currency translation."
    • Guardians of Harmony wasn't mentioned once in the report. I find that interesting. Perhaps it was a relatively recent idea?
    • Finally, Hasbro has a brand blueprint that they placed in the report, which I will post below.