• Galacon Announces Comic Maker Panel and Cosplay Contest Reminder

    GalaCon 2016 is still a few months away. While we are waiting for the con to start, they have just released a panel announcement and a cosplay registration reminder you can find below the break.

    Announcing the Comic Maker Panel

    As you might have already guessed from our choice of guests, we want to pay all comic fans a special tribute this year. But not only the IDW comics are important to the whole fandom, also many compelling fanmade comics are known throughout the community and have delivered some funny, dramatic, exciting or even sad moments.

    For this year's convention, we are therefore proud to present you two of the well known comic makers working together at the Comic Maker Panel.

    The German artists doubleWbrothers and Equestria Stories will present younot only how to draw comics, but also talk about the development of a interesting and fitting story, their experience as two of the greatest fandom artists and how they do their specialites - the long-term story comic, the "Simulators" and the sketch comics.

    Panel times and location will be announced later in our timetable.

    Reminder: Registry for the Cosplay Contest Like last year, we are already recieving more and more applications for the Cosplay Contest. Therefore, we have to announce that we will only be accepting registrations online before the GalaCon due to organizational reasons.

    This year´s Cosplay Contest will be even more exciting because we will have a jury consisting only of professional cosplayers for the first time, implementing a judgement system fully developed by cosplay experts.

    If you want to sign up, use this form or this form if you want to apply as a group.

    Twitter: Gameleon