• Equestria Daily BABSCon Plans - Panels To See Us At!

    Because BABScon has an awesome OC pony, and totally not for any other reason, we tend to invade them every single year. This time around we have a whopping 10 people in attendance, from oldschool semi-retired bloggers to our newer people that run the editorials and do art.

    We will all be around for the entire event if you want to say hi (look for a short italian dude in a Trixie hat or listen for a weirdly high pitched voice), or hit up our panel at 4:00 PM on Friday. If you haven't been to our previous BABSCon panels, expect artists drawing your stuff, questions about anything EQD or pony related, and general madness.

    Outside of that, you can bother us on-on-one a bit better at their Meet and Greet on Sunday at 11:45 AM.

    As for people that aren't attending, we have interviews lined up with just about every show staffer there, so keep an eye on out! For specific details head on down below the break.

    See you all there!

    EQD Peoples Attending: 

    Sethisto - Owner (Never sleeps)

    Calpain - Admin (Science pony and causer of fires. Keeps Sethness in check)

    AbagOVicodin - Author (Always objectively correct)
    Cereal Velocity - Author (Made of Cereal and Raptors)
    Couch Crusader - Author (Resident Dragon)
    We Are Borg - Author (Whiny)
    Illustrious Q - Author (Resident Ghost)

    Gameleon - EQD App Developer (Appropriating Dutch Culture)
    Hypermark - Game Index Developer (Fluttershy #1 Fan)

    Allyster Black - Artist (Drawer of butts)
    Pinipy - Artist (Australian Rainbow Devil)


    Equestria Daily Panel - 4:00 PM Friday - (All EQD Peoples)
    Voice Actor Panel - 11:30 AM Saturday - (Calpain Hosting)
    Fallout Meet and Greet - 12:00 PM  Friday - (Allyster Black Hosting)
    Community Meet and Greet - 11:45 AM - Sunday (All EQD peoples)

    Interview Plans:

    The Illustrious Q - Jenn Blake
    Couch Crusader  - Kora Kosika
    Couch Crusader - Denny Lu

    The Illustrious Q - Lauren Faust
    The Illustrious Q - G.M. Berrow
    The Illustrious Q - Andy Price
    Couch Crusader - Terry Klassen
    Couch Crusader - Nicole Oliver

    ABagOVicodin - Josh Haber
    ABagOVicodin - Andrea Libman
    ABagOVicodin - Jeremy Whitley
    ABagOVicodin - Kelly Sheridan
    Couch Crusader - Kora Kosika