• Whinny City Guest Announcement - Jenn Blake

    Whinny City has scooped up My Little Pony comic artist Jenn Blake! If you want to meet her, head on down below the break for the details.

    You know it’s a party when Jenn Blake and Rarebear show up!

    Jenn Blake is quickly becoming a favorite guest among attendees at conventions across the country. Her style, talent and personality have brought her a large fanbase, and we can’t wait to bring her back to Chicago this April! Attendees will have lots of chances to meet Jenn over the weekend at her drawing classes, panels, and at her table in our Vendor Hall.

    Rarebear is a cosplayer and artist from St. Louis, Missouri, best known for her Rarity cosplays and hand-painted glassware. We’re excited to announce Rarebear as our first community guest and cosplay contest judge!
    Leap Year Sale!

    In honor of our announcement of Jenn and Rarebear, and to celebrate of the day that only comes around once every 4 years, all badges are on sale through the end of February 29th! You know you want to meet all our great guests, so take advantage of this sale to get a great price on badges and register today! And don’t forget to book your hotel room – our discount code expires in just a few weeks!