• Story Updates - March 16th

    Moonbutt vs. Rarity, Zeppelins, and more! It's update time. Go get em.

    Story: The Princess and The Seamstress (Update - Part 5!)


    Author: PortalJumper

    Description: It all started as a dress commission for the Royal Sisters, but now Rarity has found herself in the unique position of helping Princess Luna become a proper mare before a very important political summit, both for the future of Equestria on the world stage and for Luna personally. Can she help the Regent of the Moon, or will she irreparably damage Equestria's standing?

    The Princess and the Seamstress (New - Part 5!)

    Story: Cold Light (Update Part 10!)


    Author: Scramblers and Shadows

    Description: Ponies discovered the world of Amaranth three years ago -- a desert world filled with the ancient and mysterious artefacts of a dead civilisation. It has become the new frontier: Salvor airships seek riches, sky pirates prey on the weak, and idealists seek to unify the disparate.
    Scootaloo, now a young mare, has gone missing in Amaranth. Sweetie Belle follows, in search of her friend, but stumbles upon the secret behind Amaranth -- and soon finds herself the target of a number of powerful and dangerous ponies, and in the midst of a plot that could destroy Equestria.

    Cold Light (New Part 10!)

    Story: The Stranger and Her Friend (Update Part 31!)


    Author: TheUrbanMoose
    Description: Princess Celestia is a living legend, but much of her life is shrouded in mystery. Records have long since been lost to the decay of time, and the tale of her triumph over Discord has become a fable. The Princess’s memory of the event has long since faded… or has it?

    Her faithful student lending an eager ear, Celestia recounts the true story of a war-torn Equestria, the struggle against Discord, and the early years of her own life.

    Before she was the Princess of the Sun, she was merely a stranger.
    The Stranger and Her Friend (New Part 31!)

    Story: Of The Night (Update Part 2!)

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: TheBrianJ
    One year ago, there was an incident in the town of Modus. Many ponies got hurt; one pony was blamed. A pony who was different. A pony who never fit in. A pony whose entire life changed in the blink of an eye.
    One year ago, Night Glider was exiled from Modus. Now, it’s time to go home.
    Of The Night (New Part 2!)

    Story: Synthetic Bottled Sunlight (New Part 4!)

    [Dark][Sad][Alternate Universe]

    Author: NorrisThePony
    Time after time, through chaos and through wars, Princess Celestia prevailed.
    Of all the terrible forces she could have fallen to, Flim Flam Industry was the last one anypony had expected.
    Synthetic Bottled Sunlight (Update Part 4!)