• Roundup Accepting Commission Info Clarification Post!

    So, wow, you guys! I really should have thought of this idea earlier. Commission info has been pouring in for the past 24 hours and doesn't seem to be stopping. With how popular it seems to be getting I want to detail how I'll be handling the section and answer some questions a couple of you had.

    • First off, the section is going to be rather spartan like the rest of the merchandise section. Links will have the artist's name as well as a category next to them on what type of artist they are (plushie artist, artwork, animation, ect) with the links sending people to the artist's general commission page. So artists, don't worry about sending us a billion links or tons of sample art, all we need is your commission page so people can check out your art there. It'll make things cleaner and simpler to navigate in the Roundups.
    • Secondly, we got a question about how many times an artist can put their commission info in the Roundup. Much like merchandise, there really isn't a limit, but it's probably best not to spam it for inclusion in every Roundup. Basically feel free to send us commission info whenever you open and/or if you still have slots that need filling
    • Thirdly, there is no real quality screening for these. If I do see a large quantity of lower quality material outnumbering higher quality offerings I might prune things a bit, but I do want to include as many people as possible and let our readers decide who they want to support by using their wallets.
    • Lastly, as mentioned in the first section, we will accept commission info from ANY pony artist regardless of media (so send us your plushie, craft, art, custom, ect commission info) as long as material in your commission page is PG-13 rated or lower. Again, if you do do NSFW art that is ok, just make sure it isn't in your commission examples on your commission page.

    Hopefully this helps answer some questions about the new system and makes it seem a bit clearer. Let me know what you think by leaving your input in the comment section.

    Thanks again for the enthusiastic reception of this new feature! I really appreciate it.

    Twitter: Calpain