• Original IDW My Little Pony Comic Art by IDW Artist Andy Price for Sale!

    These are not something that I get to post often. I want to post original comic art for sale, but outside of the rare online store opening it's not something that pops up often.

    Andy Price is by far the most well known MLP Comic Artist working on the book. Being the artist to launch the series probably helped with that, but also bringing a level of detail and old school comic artist flare to his work is something that has truly made him stand out among his peers.

    His artwork is always in demand, and if he isn't paired up next to Katie Cook in artist alley, he usually has the longest line for commissions. His original comic pages, which as a reminder are one of a kind pieces of art, are usually sold by him for several hundred dollars. Per Page.

    So what's so special about him listing the pages on eBay? Well the starting bid, for all of them right now, is hovering around $50 (+$20 shipping).

    That is the cheapest you are ever going to see his original comic art listed for. The auctions end in three days.

    Below every page shown on this post is a link that goes directly to the eBay auction. If you're so inclined, consider tossing a bid on the page. Who knows, you might get lucky with the listing and get one heck of a deal!

    Special thanks to Andy Price for the heads up!