• Equestria Daily Commenting Rules and Etiquette

    Hello commenters! We have decided to clarify the rules a bit due to an increase in discussion ever since Disqus was implemented. While we still want things to feel free and want to avoid any major censorship, some things have always been out of bounds for what we allow.

    Below the break, get a list of general guidelines to follow when commenting on any post, including the Nightly and Morning Discussions.

    EqD Commenting Rules:

    Greetings, Equestria Daily browser. Before you begin commenting on all our wonderful blog posts, we'd like to take a brief moment to explain the rules of the site and commenting here.

    1.) Do not post or link any clop/Not Safe For Work images in your comments. This is a family-friendly site. This means no breasts, genitalia, etc. If it would be covered by a swimsuit on a public beach, it doesn't belong on here.

    2.) "Saucy" or suggestive images are deemed acceptable to post. However, when doing so, please note in the comment field that said image is of a suggestive nature to warn those who may not wish to view it.

    3.) What you say should reflect the first two rules as well. If you want to say a character is super cute and you'd love to go out with them, that's totally fine, but sexual terms are not okay.

    4.) Please no attacking other commenters. Polite and well-mannered debates are acceptable, but absolutely no name-calling, threatening or mud-slinging.

    5.) No spamming. This means posting the same comment, video, etc. multiple times, or in places it doesn't belong.

    6.) Keep all off-topic discussions and random comments to the Morning and Nightly Discussions. That's what we made them for after all.

    This list is not all-inclusive and final decisions on the acceptability of content and behavior are up to the moderators on duty.

    If you come across a comment that breaks any of these site rules, please flag it and the moderators will review it. Please do not flag comments that do not need to be flagged. 
    For example, just because someone says Pinkie Pie is best pony and you think Rainbow Dash is the best, that doesn't mean you need to flag them. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions. But if someone says you're an idiot for liking Rainbow Dash and links a NSFW picture, then you need to flag them so we can let them know it's not okay.

    That's about it! Pretty simple, right?

    We thank you for visiting Equestria Daily and hope you enjoy your stay with us.