• Episode Rewatch - Look Before You Sleep

    Lets get these posts back on track! I admit, we kinda had some scheduling derps with them these last few weeks. As is the norm on EQD, we really suck at keeping on a strict deadline for things.

    Look Before You Sleep was probably one of the most low-key episodes of season one. It was a Slice of Lifey as it gets, with 100% focus on dialogue between two polar opposites and and everyone's favorite nerdhorse.

    Below the break, go get 10 standout points/scenes from the old days! So nostalgic~

    Derpy was barely even a thing back then. Can you imagine and fandom not obsessing over this mare? There were rumblings after her wall-eyed discovery, but nowhere near what we have today thanks to her numerous appearances throughout the seasons.

    Rarity here still wasn't anywhere near the popularity she is today. Her previous appearance in Dragonshy won her some fans, but an entire episode based on the banter between these two wasn't something the fandom was overly excited about. Though, when I say excitement I mean it in a completely different way than today. Any pony at all was a blessing back when things were brand new.

    Twilight Sparkle had her cute moments in the first 6 episodes, but nothing came anywhere near her characterization in this episode. A booknerd librarian in her natural environment, introduced to a completely new situation. The way she consulted her book for every little thing spawned the idea of Adorkable, and every less-than-social introvert in the fandom grew even closer to her.

    And in true early fandom fashion, it spawned countless fanfics (>greentext stories mainly) about Twilight writing creepy fanfiction about her newfound friends thanks to their reactions to her nerdyness throughout.


    How hooves work?!

    Surprisingly enough, it wasn't until much later that wet mane Rarity became an actual thing (Sisterhooves Social?). Not a lot of people were vectorizing ponies back then, so the flood of color swaps of all the ponies with wet manes didn't happen yet.

    There were lots of drawings of silly Applejack wearing silly dresses though.

    The heartcrushing moment when Twilight's first slumber party is ruined ;_;

    I'm already going over the 10 image limit for this. For an episode that was so limited in scope, there is a ton to screencap and blabber about.

    I'm not too sure what the current fandom's take on this one is, but back when it aired, people really weren't too thrilled. Even with adorkable Twilight and some of the best character building we had seen so far between Applejack and Rarity, it was still really small-scope compared to what we had seen so far. This one grew on me big time over the years though. I still go back and rewatch just for Twilight being super nerdy. I miss those days.

    Now go rewatch it! What did you first think when you saw it? What do you think now?

    MLP_FiM S1 E8 - Look Before You Sleep by EpicMyLittlePony