• Album Compilation - March

    It's march! Time for more albums. We have a bunch in this compialtion here from all walks of pony life! Some are giant collections of different artists teaming up, while others are straight to the point with a single person. If you want to support the music of the fandom, this is a good way to do it!

    Head on down below for all of it.

    Today is Doomsday
    Artist: Foozogz
    Genre: IDM

    Next Step
    Artist: Segmets of Life
    Genre: Post Hardcore


    Innocent Monsters
    Artist: StealingShad3Z
    Genre: punk-rock


    Lost in a Pastel Hue
    Artist: Francis Vace
    Genre: Ska-punk


    Tampopo Tempo
    Artist: Auswahlaxiom
    Genre: Concept Album (Mixed)


    Description: Tampopo Tempo is a collaboration project lead by Mathematicus and features many well known fandom artists such as Cherax Destructor, Freewave, MathematicPony, Aoshi, 7th Element, AdamTh3Walker, and Digibro. The album follows a boy on a psychological journey wherein he transcends his physical form and awakens in Equestria as Fluttershy. However, this rebirth brings with it a deep sense of dysphoria, and the lingering spirit of Fluttershy fights to regain her form. Ultimately, the choice to accept one’s self is his only hope to break free.

    Artist: PhonicB∞m
    Genre: Electronic
    Sub-genres: Dubstep, drumstep, electro house, complextro, trap, chillout


    Description: Drawing inspiration from the diverse characters and locales of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, PhonicB∞m has crafted a collection of tracks that push the boundaries of electronic dance music to not only get your hooves moving, but also tell stories through sophisticated composition and sound design. Let your speakers take you on a journey across Equestria to such settings as DJ PON-3's dance club, the vast deserts of Saddle Arabia, the seedy slums of outer Canterlot, the irradiated town of New Appleloosa, and more.

    Genre: Electronic


    Description: fractilx here with a two part album filled with 18 tracks in total! Based on what I really liked in the fifth season of My Little Pony! Taking on brand new genres in the album such as Schranz, IDM, Breakcore, and many more, It'll be something that'll definitely get you groovin'!