• Official Manehattan Poster Celebrating It's Return in Season 6

    Hasbro has dropped off a really cool new poster for all of you to snag up celebrating the return of Manehattan in season six. It doesn't actually reveal anything specifically new, but it's still fun anyway. Plus Coco Pommel. For some reason I freakin love Coco Pommel lately.

    Head on down below the break to check it out!

    I get my fashion inspiration from all of my colorful Manehattan friends. — Miss Pommel
    Fashion-forward ponies, visit Manehattan to see the latest and greatest works of couture by talented ponies such as Miss Pommel, Prim Hemline, and Suri Polomare!! Fashion week is just one of Manehattan’s many events. Find out about all of the other cool happenings when you Explore Equestria on the My Little Pony website!!