• Nightly Roundup #1299

    I swear Madacon's Pinkie gets fluffier and fluffier each time I see her. Soon she is going to turn into another Fluffle Puff!

    News time again my friends! Get it all after the break.

    Tonight's Stories

    Animatic/StoryBoard Doctor Whooves Is Only Second Rate

    Got a new animatic for you guys today! Isn't it great that we have all these animatics and animations nowadays?

    Fallout: Equestria (The Manehattan Edition) Audiobook

    We've got a new reading of Fallout: Equestria for you guys to check out! If you've got the time, check this baby out!

    UFP 77: Hell Cheeses Over

    If you're not in the mood for an audiobook tonight, how about some Ultra Fast Pony instead?

    No Matter What [MLP Fanfic Reading]

    Or maybe you are in the mood for an audiobook, but just not one that is as huge as Fallout: Equestria. Check out this short reading above!

    L'Anthologie de la Ponitude Francophone - French Anthology

    For those of you who like anthologies and happen to speak French we have a French pony anthology for you guys to enjoy tonight.

    EqG Happy Meal Toys Appear in Philippines

    Looks like the EqG toys have finally started appearing in some more exotic markets, this time in the Philippines.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    DHX Staffer Fundraiser for Cancer

    I heard from Big Jim not too long ago about a member of the DHX staff who has come down with cancer. While medical costs are covered by the Canadian health system, other expenses are weighing down on the family and they have setup a GoFundMe to help alleviate costs.

    Find the fundraiser at the link below!

    Get more information here!



    Jolly Here And Welcome To One Bloody Hell Of An Announcement.
    I Have Officially Opened Requests For A Hell Of A Collab, The Finale
    to The Five Night's At Pinkies Franchise.



    This Animation Is A Collaborative Effort From The SFM AND GMOD Ponies Community,
    Much Like Videos Like DOORS [SFM].

    Side Notes
    All Five Night's Pony Universes Allowed Like FNAP, FNAAJ, FNAT
    OC's Allowed But Main Characters Must Be Mane 6 (Or Equivalent In The Universe)
    Alternate Universe Animatronics Allowed Such As Animatronic EOI

    If Your A SFM Or GMOD Pony Animator And Wanna Join, Email In At The Email Bellow.


    Get more information here!

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    BrotaKAST Ep.25 The WatchPony.com Crew

    The BrotaKAST this week brings on 3 members of WatchPony.com for their FIRST EVER interview! We ask them how everything came together, the story behind the arrow, how the WatchPony cannot have any favorites among general discussion! Hope you enjoy this riot of an interview!

    You can follow us on Twitter @BrotaKAST to keep up with us and any of our show announcements. You can also join us for LIVE recordings every Sunday at 8PM EST/5PM PST on https://original.livestream.com/brotakulive be sure to subscribe to the BrotakuHUB on YouTube for more fun and hilarity!

    The MBS Show Discussion: The Top 5 Of Season 5

    Hey there bronies and pegasisters.

    On this week's episode, Norman Sanzo, James Corck, Silver Quill and guest host Sapphire Heart Song talk about the best and not so best episodes of season 5. Join them as the talk about what they like and didn't like for season 5.

    TheBCI S2 Wubcake

    Fox-Review: Party Of One

    Keychi: FIM - The Crystal Empire

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Apple Bloom Plushie
    Gilda Plushie
    Derpy Plushie
    Spoiler Character Plushie
    Dumb Bell Plushie
    Rara Filly Plushie

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    February 22, 2011-2015

    2011 - Bits to Dollars conversion.

    2012 - MrPoniator animation releases.

    2013 - Unicon begins.

    2014 - Mystery Box in full detail.

    2015 - The Boop Box.

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