• New Shout Factory DVD with Season 6 Episode

    Shout Factory, the makers of all those hand picked Friendship is Magic episode DVDs we love, have just released a pre-order for their next upcoming release, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Friends And Family. Along with the episodes we might expect to be included on such a titled collection is a Season 6 episode that we've been really excited for.

    I'm too shy to spoil it here, so grab the details below!

    Up on their kids animation section, Shout Factory lists the new Friends and Family DVD for release on June 7th of this year, for just $13.95.

    Listing 5th on the included episodes is a new Season 6 episode "Flutter Brutter" which can only be the episode introducing Fluttershy's brother that we were promised during SDCC 2015. The only question is will he be, just as shy as yellow quiet or an over protective brother of his timid sister.

    Only time with tell how awesome this episode will be but if it's being released this summer we can probably expect it earlier in the season. I guess we are only left waiting for a surprise sibling from Rainbow Dash at this point! 

    I'll also leave you with this bit of fun: The episode's title appears to be a pun of this:

    Thanks to Nailwraps for sending it