• Hasbro's Press Only Toy Fair Presentation - Full Breakdown

    Yesterday we posted a few things that rose out of the animatics shown at the My Little Pony Toy Fair panel, but the pony segment was actually much longer on it's own. Quite a bit of interesting information was contained within, and it's time to break it on down!

    Below the break, get some of the key points described, as well as some refresher.

    Meghan McCarthy joins another big wig at Hasbro, Christian Riley, to start it off.

    Both genders loving pony is now a big deal.

    Influential fashion designers in Europe continue to plug the pony.

    Boys, girls, and adults are the target for Guardians of Harmony with action figures and "action feature play".

    Unique execution of fan favorite characters never seen before for Guardians of Harmony (Probably that heavy warrior theme with weapons and armor instead of pies). All of this will be tied in with IDW.

    Video plays with roaring Spike and Rarity(?) telling him to "oh be quiet!". They say the "Hero item" is inspired by one of their episodes, no idea what that is.

    Nightmare Moon and Celestia Guardians figures are inspired by the pilot of FiM

    Meghan McCarthy takes the stage talking about how much work everything is taking with season 6.

    Tons of new characters, fan favorites, and music coming.

    Season 6 clip plays - The Hearthswarming Eve song mentioned yesterday, with all the mane 6 and CMC singing and background ponies helping decorate.

    Gabby the Griffon coming,  with a "Griffons don't have cutie marks, or do they...?" hint from Meghan McCarthy

    Lots of upcoming facial hair on ponies (examples were shown on slides).

    Pin collector pony pointed out.

    Tough manehattan ponies also mentioned.

    Dragons, including a girl dragon.

    Another new pony called "Cotton Candy Face" by Meghan.

    Epic story incoming with the November 3rd 2017 movie.

    Lots of new cast announcements coming in the future.

    Conference closes the pony segment here.

    All in all, this is going to be a pretty huge year!