• Hasbro Announces My Little Pony: Guardians of Harmony Toy Line and Comic Series!

    Big news relating to that trademark that Hasbro filed last June!

    That is Shining Armor riding a grown up armored up Spike the Dragon. No you are not seeing things. Yes I had to slap myself to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

    Via USA Today, Hasbro has announced their new My Little Pony: Guardians of Harmony line of toys a head of New York Toy Fair. The figures will be available for viewing at New York Toy Fair (which is occurring this weekend in New York City, on the other side of the city from Ponycon NYC)

    The USA Today article goes into great detail about the new toyline, but the short of it is this: Hasbro is producing My Little Pony Action figures.

    The Guardians of Harmony toy line, aimed for ages 3 and up, features single figures ($9.99 each) like Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Shadowbolt and Shining Armor with nine points of articulation — so kids can pose the Ponies in their favorite scenes — and themed accompaniments such as party cannons, swords and armor. The "Figure and Friend" assortments ($14.99) pair two characters in the same set — for example, Princess Twilight Sparkle with Changeling and Queen Chrysalis with Spike the Dragon.
    And one other very important piece of information was revealed in this article for those who read the comics.
    Many of the new figures come right out of scenes from the cartoon, and according to Lomow, a new series of comic books from IDW debuts this fall extending some of the story lines from the series and new toys.
    We're getting a third ongoing MLP comic book series from IDW Publishing in addition to the toy line.

    UPDATE: IDW MLP Editor has answered a couple questions on twitter about the new IDW Comics to clarify the new series of comic books.

    Comic book packs are nothing new to the toy industry. Point of fact, Hasbro has been packaging comics with their toys—notably with G.I. Joe and Transformers—for decades now. The fact that Hasbro is doing this with MLP is a good thing. Hopefully we'll get more information about the new series of comics at New York Toy Fair this weekend.

    The USA Today article showcases some more images of the upcoming toys—including Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon vs. Celestia, and Pinkie Pie armed with her Boneless firing party cannon!

    Get images of all the toys below the break! 

    Guardians of Harmony Rainbow Dash and Tank

    Guardians of Harmony Celestia and Nightmare Moon

    Guardians of Harmony Chrysalis Figure MLP

    Guardians of Harmony Pinkie Pie Canon Figure

    Guardians of Harmony Shadowbolts Figure

    Guardians of Harmony Twilight Sparkle Vs. Changeling Figure MLP

    Read the full article over here!

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