• Gameloft Game Adds $1140 More Worth of Micro-Transactions Via "VIP" System, and ...Clown Ponies in New Update

    Just in case you, or the parents of kids that beg for virtual gems haven't spent enough money already on the pony game, Gameloft has a new system in place to really milk the bits. The "VIP" system introduced in the iOS update today basically puts 15 levels into place that provide different bonuses based on how much money you spend on the game.

    Everything from bonus % to scores in mini games (gotta spend money to win the events after all!) to reduced waiting time can now get a direct injection of bucks for maximum efficiency.

    Head on down below the break for the specifics!

    Note: Info from Squeaky Belle, who is based in Singapore (SGD) so multiply any prices by .71 for the USD amount in screenshots. 

    The VIP system adds 15 tiers with various point requirements to access them:

    1: 10
    2: 50
    3: 100
    4: 200
    5: 400
    6: 700
    7: 1000
    8: 1400
    9: 1900
    10: 2400
    11: 3100
    12: 4000
    13: 5500
    14: 7500
    15: 10000

    You get points by spending money on in-app purchases. 

    Once you hit the absurd amount of 10,000 VIP points, the following is unlocked for you: 

    - "Exclusive Set"
    - +35% points for pony mini games
    - +30% bits from shops
    - 2 free skips for waiting time per day
    - Gemstone Monument (you'd probably deserve it for VIP status anyways)
    - A pony named "Studious Delegate"
    - Shop named "Toy Box Shop" (5 ponies can work in there)
    - +20% bits and 35% XP per quest
    - 2x shards from shops, in mine cart mini game and from totems
    - Increase mine wheel cap by 4 (currently at 5)
    - x4 free runs with the maximum booster for any mini game per day
    So, how much are these going to cost? Have some prices (IN SGD)

     500 VIP points costs ~57 bucks if Google's conversion is right, meaning you would need to spend about $1140 to unlock it all if you stick to the biggest gem pile. Yay? Isn't mobile gaming fun?!

    Oh, and clown ponies or something: