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    OC ponies have been getting a lot more popular in recent years which is pretty cool as it allows our fandom to explore a lot of different aspects of Equestria that might be a bit limited or out of character with our well established characters. In our first comic today we have a new multi-parter that according to the author is:

    The present quick synopsis is that a monochrome amnesiac wanders into Ponyville, finds himself being escorted around by a particular (ex?)mail-mare, and also possibly is going to cause some terrible confrontation with an otherworldly army via means yet to be seen.  There's a lot of fun back-and-forth, a brutally aggressive pet rock, and even some elephants.  All in all, a fun time for everybody.
    So give the gallery a click above and check it out! For everything else, check on after the break as always!

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