• 5 Things You May Have Missed in Guardians of Harmony

    WeAreBorg back once again with a few tidbits you might have missed in the “Guardians of Harmony” toy line amongst all the excitement of Toy Fair. With nothing but camcorder footage, cell phone pictures, and PowerPoint slides, I’ve dug through the lot and found 5 interesting things which may make you do a double take at what you’ve seen already.

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    Guardian Badges

    Each of the toys we’ve seen thus far appear to come with a badge stylized for that character. Sort of a new twist we don’t often see in toys, these are meant to worn on your clothing. Some of these have a rather cool take on a pony's cutie mark including what Spike might have as flank stamp, and Twilight’s having emphasis on the moon.

    With a mysterious hint at “Hero Items” from the Toy Fair closed door press presentation, these detailed badges could be one and the same.

    Wonderbolts Launcher?

    So, if you notice in this shot, the wonderbolt on the right is Spitfire...and those are not her wings. Not only are they way too big, but you can see her yellow wings once you know where to look: They’re in the same place as Soarin’s a.k.a. exactly where they should be.

    So what are we looking at? Well, Spitfire is locked into some sort of contraption, with wings. While that kid’s arm is probably the toy’s equivalent to the Dizzatron, this toy’s strange profile may make it more of a spring powered launcher. It’s an interesting idea and could be something else altogether, but a launcher would let us fly to the castle a bit easier.

    Spike is Not Packaged with Shining Armor but with Himself

    So it was a bit misleading in their ads but hey, Hasbro doesn't want you buying just one toy. Toy Fair reveals that “Secret To My Excess” Spike is actually packaged with the normal sized version of himself. It’s my best guess this is because “Big Dragon Spike” is just that, a bigger transformation of himself, like in “Secret To My Excess” and not an older version, and normal Spike is included so he can undergo the transformation in your mind. With AAA batteries, roaring sounds and light though, that’s the only part of Spike left to the imagination.

    With hoof shaped holes in Spike’s saddle, that will no doubt fit more than Shining Armor, I bet is time for the table to turn and Twilight get a ride.

    Chrysalis Wheel Chunking Action

    So Trixie is going to be really upset if she ever saw Chrysalis here. Those two odd things strapped to the sides of her legs aren't wheels for a ridiculous Transformers Chryssy rolling out on you, they are actually magical blasts that Bug Queen flings from her head.

    The packaging gives the best visual of the action. All you need to do to assault the co-packaged Spike, is push on her tail down to cause her whole head to flick forward, chunking a green magic chakram like an evil Xena.

    Guardians of Harmony Fan Series

    So it occurred to me that all these action figures looked like they'd be pretty fun to play with….except for the Celestia and Nightmare Moon figures. These are large molds, about ⅔ the size of the huge Spike toy and they don’t light up, shoot fire, or articulate in any way. With that in mind, if you look at packaging these two toys clearly state “Fan Series” under their “Guardians of Harmony” logo.

    So what does that mean for us? Hasbro made a pretty big point in their latest webinar that Friendship is Magic has fans outside the definition of ‘little girl’, and stated they wanted to embrace all the people with money (or their parents’ money) they can. So not only does this mean cool toys for Timmy to play with too, along with his sister, it also means more merch aimed at bronies and collectors. If we’re lucky, we may even start to see pieces like this for each pony.

    We here at EQD are pretty pumped about these new lines of toys and the ones released thus far are only the tip of the iceberg. We’re months away from this toy line’s launch so stay tuned for more Guardians of Harmony awesomeness.

    As always, let us know in the comments what you’d like to see an editorial of next!