• Pony Spotlight #3 - Junebug

    Howdy, folks! TheSlorg here with another Pony Spotlight.

    This time we're going to explore the opposite of what we saw in the previous two Spotlights: the less appreciated. And while there are plenty of ponies who fit into this category, Junebug here may be its unsung hero.

    No, she's not my OC. Junebug has appeared within the show a few times, and with your help maybe she will appear again! Find out how below the break.

    Name: Junebug
    Aliases: None
    Cutie Mark: A Bumblebee
    Appearances: 2 Episodes
    First Appearance: The Secret of My Excess
    Speaking Roles: 1 (plus 1 possible song)
    Random Fact: Official Hasbro description on her G3 toy packaging describes Junebug as a 'butterfly princess'


    Ah, Junebug. Here is a pony who just can't seem to catch a break. She has barely appeared within the show, and when she did appear, she was either getting harassed by a greedy Spike, or she was being duped by the Flim Flam brothers. But the fun doesn't end there.

    IMDB lists her as being voiced by Ashleigh Ball, but you wouldn't know that by watching any episode credits. Junebug wasn't even listed in the credits for The Secret of My Excess, despite having a somewhat substantial speaking role by one of the main voice actors.

    Additionally, her first appearance clocks in at 27 seconds. This is more than twice the amount of screen time that Octavia enjoyed in The Best Night Ever. So what happened?

    They could be sisters. Are they sisters?


    Without much screen time to go off of, and without 'fandom fever' to help establish a personality, it is difficult to detail much growth for her over the series. There are, however, a few things that can help paint a clearer picture.

    In Junebug's appearance in The Secret of My Excess, she is the first and only pony we ever see drinking from the town fountain. This brings to question whether this is a common thing, or if this is just Junebug's thing.

    We also see her carrying flowers in her saddle baskets. Could she be Ponyville's flower supplier, or was she just out picking some for lunch? Again, we have a mystery that can only be speculated upon.

    When Spike tells Junebug that it's his birthday, she seems to be caught off-guard. She stutters the line, "H-happy birthday, Spike!" before trying to walk away. This suggest that she may be a bit shy, or perhaps just socially awkward. Her next words further strengthen this theory when Spike asks her if she's going to give him any presents and she again stutters her reply of, "Um, I-I don't have anything."

    Thankfully, Twilight Sparkle arrives in time to prevent further harassment, then addresses Junebug by name. This is one of the first times Twilight addresses any other pony by name other than her close circle of friends. Is Junebug one of Twilight's first new friends in Ponyville, or is she just a friendly and well-known pony? It is again left to speculation.

    Junebug is admiring Pinkie's hooves.

    Current Status

    Junebug was missing-in-action for all of season three, but finally made her return in season four's, Leap of Faith.

    Her appearance in this episode lasted a mere four seconds. She was shown during the song, The Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic, beaming as she watched Silver Shill dance his way out of the tent. It is assumed that she participated in the song, as it is implied that everypony who attended Flim and Flam's show took part in it.

    Her appearance at Flim and Flam's show might suggest that she is a bit gullible, but no more so than any of the other ponies who attended.

    While Junebug has no other appearances within the show or the EQG movies, she has shown up in the background of the IDW comics from time to time. She also has two blind bag toys that look nothing like her in-show appearance, considering that one toy is pink, and both are unicorns. The collector's cards that come with the toys state that she 'loves to celebrate with her friends,' which gives credit to the earlier theory that she is a liked and well-known pony within Ponyville. This is further strengthened by her in-game description in the MLP Gameloft game that described her as 'pretty as a picture, as warm as the warmest hug.'

    She also appears in the MLP:CCG as Junebug, Gentle Soul, with Mint Jewelup quoted as saying, "Junebug is such a dear, not even a sourpuss like Lemony Gem could get mad at her." She has a special ability called calming, which makes it difficult for opponents to 'attack' her. All of this just further strengthens the theory that she is a beloved neighbor within Ponyville.

    Beloved or not, she can still thrown down if need be.

    Bonus Section!

    Junebug seems to be a well-loved and appreciated member of Ponyville's community. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case within our community. Admittedly, it was difficult to find many images of her, and there aren't any notable fanfics centered on Junebug I know of that are appropriate for listing here! This can only mean one thing.

    Junebug needs some love!

    It's time to give this girl the attention she deserves. How? Artists, let's get her to show up in the next few Drawfriends! Writers, let's see your best Junebug stories! Musicians, show us what you've got! Not a writer, artist, or musician? You can help spread these hashtags on Twitter (being mindful not to be disruptive with them—we're trying to help Junebug, not harm her): #BringJunebugBack #MLPSeason6.

    Junebug! A socially awkward, yet well-loved neighbor in Ponyville who is warm, kind, and very difficult to dislike. There are a lot of ponies to love, but this week is yours, Junebug!

    What will you do to promote Junebug this week? Which pony might you like to see featured next week? Let me know in the comments!

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