• Music of the Day #611

    I'll be honest, I still have no idea what to call this post. "Rising Stars" sounded good until I realized that some of these guys hit spotlight too. I guess that doesn't count as rising does it? A lot of the other ideas were basically the same level as Music of the Day, and still don't clearly show it being lower than Spotlight.

    Speaking of Spotlight, you all should draw her doing musicy things so I can header posts with that. Poor Spotlight.

    Get your Music of the day below! At least it has all genres now.

    Reminder: If you don't include a genre it will be rejected! Soon it will require this format in your email (example: - "Vocal - Electronic")

    [1] Source

    My Little Pony: A True, True Steampunk (A True, True Friend) [Instrumentation] by Repent In Reprise PointlessTable

    Instrumenal - Steampunk

    [2] Source

    Resolve (Drum & Bass) by Hay Tea

    Instrumental - Drums & Bass

    [3] Source

    Anthropology (cover) by Knight of Breath

    Vocal - Cover

    [4] Source

    Ponysphere - High Above by Ponysphere

    Vocal - Atmospheric Rock

    [5] Source

    Flyghtning - The Cider by Flyghtning

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [6] Source

    Freewave - Lost Treasures by thefreewave

    Instrumental - Nu-Rave

    [7] Source

    PegasYs - Dental Damn (Feat.Midnight Melody)(NeverLastStanding Remix) by NeverLaststanding

    Remix - Moombahcore