• Hasbro Looks to Be Moving Some of Their Toy Production to India

    Hasbro Shifting Production to India

    Apparently this has been going on for a while, but a good amount of the brushable figures are forgoing their usual Chinese roots and shifting over to factories in India. This primarily effects the less complex items on their merchandising menu.

    Why would this happen? The submitter, Ayu, points out that the rise in knockoffs and early releases over in China may be to blame. When toys are ending up on Ebay straight from the manufacturing line months in advance of their actual release, companies tend to look for alternatives!

    Globalyoynews notes that this trend is becoming more and more common as China's population becomes wealthier and older. 

    What will this mean for pony going forward? Probably not a whole lot. As far as we have heard and seen, the toys themselves havent changed other than a stamp on the hoof.

    Thanks to Ayu for sending it!