• Episode Rewatch - Boast Busters

    This is THE episode my friends. Not for any standout reason except for one which would forever change the site of Equestria Daily and make a secondary character into a celebrity in her own right, enduring the test of time and amounting over 26,000 pictures on Derpibooru since her debut.

    Cue the fanfare my friends because it is time for Boast Busters and the introduction of The Great and Powerful Trixie! One of only two episodes that writer Chris Savino wrote for the show it's quite possible that she may never even had a chance to exist. It's hard to imagine the fandom without her thanks to the efforts of certain fans (*cough* Seth *cough*) and love her or hate her she has been a part of pony history almost as long as pony!

    So let's dive in after the break at some silly scenes from Boast Busters!

    The ever so manly mustache of Spike! I really do wonder if this is where all the early pictures of ponies with mustaches came from. It's not like it takes much for our fandom run with something!

    Back when Twilight was so bashful about her ability with magic. She sure has come a long way hasn't she? Heh, back then she was practicing growing mustaches on dragons and now she travels through time and fires death lasers at baddies.

    Ah, Snips and Snails. They never got much of a fanbase when they were first introduced, but over the years artists have done a good job putting a positive spin on the duo. Leave it to the community to warm up to characters they initially didn't like (I'm looking at you CMC).

    Not even 3 minutes in and Sparity is in full swing! Poor bashful Spike...

    No boasting is complete without a small presentation! I wonder if this is how they make animation in Equestria?

    A very useful ability that I wish I could use on some people at times. Heh, if only Twilight in EqG could use magic like this to stop the Sirens. That would have been one short movie...

    Trixie honestly has some great expressions in this episode, really showing off some of the early animating chops the staff had. Though every iconic Trixie face I see just reminds me of Seth now. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing...

    Trixie casts Bondage Spell, Level 2! Wait, why does she know how to tie ponies up with magic so quick anyway?

    Aw yeah Rainbow Dash! All of your cool poses just scream wallpaper! Considering what happens next with Trixie I guess you could say she 'flew too close to the sun'.

    TASTE THE RAINBOW... well, you know the rest of that sentence, heh.

    Rarity, filled with dignity and grace...

    Right up until you piss her off.

    I never noticed this before, but are those things sticking out of the top of Rarity's hair rat tails? If so, damn that is low Trixie.

    Deeply hurt, this was when Golden Harvest starting dying her mane and tail orange.

    I somehow think this pic would work fantastically somewhere out of context.

    And they were never heard from again... Roll credits!

    Karma can be a a fickle thing can't it, Trixie?

    You know how many fanfics include the element of her destroyed cart/home? If only Trixie had homeowners insurance.

    Someone really needs a Tic-Tac. You know how horrible your breath is after getting up? Gross...

    I love how in this scene Snips mentions cool explosions, smoke and stuff. Man he must have fangasmed hard after seeing Twilight fight Tirek.

    I feel like you could just fade to black here and roll the credits. Now wouldn't that be an edgy ending?

    Oh how many memes have I seen use this face? Poor scared and yet adorable Twilight.

    Remember back when THIS was what we thought was OVER 9000! mode for for Twilight? Our little girl is growing up.

    Derpy does not approve of your shenanigans!

    The Ursa designs were pretty cool for early creatures in the show though dang, that is one big momma!

    Now that we have embarrassed Trixie enough with her past it is time for her to run off! I hope you guys enjoy the little observations in today's article. Now, if you haven't already, give Boast Busters a watch down below!

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode 6... by Jonny_Manz

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