• Discussion: What do you think of Equestria's Military?

    Looking over our suggestion threads it seems like you guys want some more serious forms of discussion within the Equestrian world. Not just 'Who is your favorite pony in socks?' or 'What would you like in a future season?' stuff that explores the world we're given and not really touched on.

    To help fill that void, he's a discussion based on a suggestion by a commenter in the suggestion thread: What do you think of Equestria's Military?

    In a world that is based on Friendship and Love it seems sort of weird that there is a military, but considering the dangers Equestria faces and the fact that Equestria can really mobilize during a major threat (like the Sombra alt timeline) it seems like they have a good understanding of war.

    Besides the Wonderbolts and the Royal Guard we haven't seen too much of other divisions, but I'm sure they exist. I can see border patrol or an equivalent of a coast guard or national guard that helps during disasters as well as a regular army like the troops we saw in Sombra's timeline.

    Ponies seem like they will defend their way of life at all costs, so it isn't silly to think they have a standing army when things go really wrong. So what do you think? Would the idea of an army for Equestria be too much and what do you think of how it would be organized? What sort of enemies would have to pop up to pose a great threat to Equestria Security and what sort of training would you imagine these brave troops would have to go through?

    Leave your thoughts on this grittier part of Equestria down in the comments!

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