• Discussion: Equestria and the Environment

    Since the start of FiM we've seen the weather being meticulously maintained by our ever hard working ponies. Every bit of weather and preparation for it is carefully scheduled and known in advance allowing the ponies of Equestria to literally plan every single day by the weather forecast.

    The thing is, was it always this way? We know from Hearth's Warming that the major tribes were quite splintered at first and considering that an operation as huge as weather control must have taken awhile to implement is it possible that the elements of nature weren't as in control by our little equines for most of their history? How do you think it came about?

    For a land that seems to be rather limited in technology in certain places, weather control is quite an accomplishment. For a country not too insistent on progressing modern technology what do you think made them focus on weather technology?

    Give your thoughts on how Equestria's weather tech came to be and why there has been so much progress in this particular field. Also, how long do you think it took for Equestrians to master this technology and what led to this absolute control of the weather.

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