• Announcing Jenn Blake and the BABSCon “Iron Artist” Competition!

    With the new year BABSCon is also ramping up their event schedule as they happily announce the attendance of Jenn Blake, IDW Comic Artist, and their Iron Artist Competition!

    For those of you interested in the event and want to participate, check on after the break for all the info you need!

    Please Welcome Our Latest Guest of Honor, IDW Comics’ Jenn Blake

    That’s right, everypony! The wildest member of the IDW Comics stable, Jenn Blake, is returning to BABSCon after making her pony con debut right here last April.

    In addition to providing the art for My Little Pony: Friends Forever #16 (featuring Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon), she was an illustrator on the IDW Limited releases of “The Return of Queen Chrysalis” arc. She’s also a real-life Rarity, with over 12 years of experience in fashion design, and one of the coolest pegasisters in the fandom.

    Jenn joins Lauren Faust, Nicole Oliver, Kelly Sheridan, Josh Haber, Katie Cook, and Andy Price among BABSCon 2016’s Guests of Honor. With a list like that, why wait? Register now!

    Announcing BABSCon’s newest in-house competition: Iron Artist

    Are you the next big MLP fan artist? Here’s a chance to put it all out there for fame and glory!

    If you are a traditional artist with a knack for drawing ponies and their friends, you are invited to show us what you’ve got and enter this year’s inaugural art competition.  A few lucky and talented fan artists will have the opportunity to have their original art judged in a LIVE, Iron Chef-style event during BABSCon 2016 by a panel of our professional artist VIPs, with on-the-spot feedback, great exposure, and awesome prizes for the ultimate champion!

    Here are the rules:

    1. You must be attending BABSCon 2016 in person and be 18 or over to be eligible.
    2. To enter, email three examples of your best traditional-media artwork as email attachments to programming@babscon.com. Please include your name, BABSCon badge name, and phone number with your submission. Originality is key, but we of course encourage at least one MLP-based submission. (Note: Because finalists will be required to produce at least one original piece live and under time-pressure at BABSCon 2016, we are only able to open this year’s competition up to traditional media artists. Digital artists will have another opportunity to get some professional critique and glory in another fun event, to be announced soon!)
    3. Please tweet your submitted artwork @babscon with the hashtag #BABSConIronArtist to spread the word!
    4. Our staff will select finalists from the submissions to compete in our live event at BABSCon 2016, where our panel of professional MLP artists will watch you work and pick a champion!

    We’ll be accepting entries from 2/1/16-2/28/16.

    *By submitting an entry to Iron Artist, you grant BABSCon permission to use your entry, or any portion of it, for promotional purposes, though ownership of the artwork remains yours.

    (Announcement art by LoloPan)

    Twitter: Calpain