• Album Compilation - January

    Due to popular demand, we are once again doing album compilations! Hopefully some of that rekindled music love in the fandom will help them out a bit.

    One thing we have always had trouble with on these is reviewing the sheer wall of tracks that come in with them. Unfortunately we are still looking for a good solution to that.

    If you want an album up, it has to be both pony (with pony imagery/song titles/remixes) and you need to be someone we have posted before. Hopefully this makes it a bit easier, as we tend to get a LOT of albums from people that haven't ever touched the pony music scene for whatever reason. You can get the complete info on album submission below the songs!

    Anyway, get a ton of music below and support the people you love!

    Nicolas Dominique - Legends
    Genre: Electronic
    Artist: Nicolas Dominique

    Description: World of Fallout: Equestria is full of stories and legends... Sit down and listen to few of them...

    First seven tracks tell a story of about the major conflict between ponies and zebras, till the world ended at the rift.

    Second seven tracks are legends. Legends about ponies and places around equestrian wastelands. They ended with thought that it's not too late to start over again and with testimony of someone immortal who has seen all the cruelty of war and things which happened afterwards.

    Youtube Version

    Guardian EP
    Genre: Electronic
    Artist: Guardian EP

    Youtube Version

    Music from the clouds
    Genre: Electronic
    Artist: Flyghtning

    Description: This album contains electronic tracks that were inspired by electronic music from good old times like 80's and 90's, mixed styles of Kraftwerk, J. M. Jarre and similar producers. Made with love and passion. Listen carefully and enjoy it :)

    Resurfaced Pony Beats
    Genre: Electronic
    Artist: [voodoopony]

    Description: It's free, just add '0' in the name-your-price window!

    Unlike any of my previous releases, Resurfaced Pony Beats is a random collection of unfinished pony music consisting of different styles, ideas and sketches, with tracks dating back from 2011 all the way to today. Included are songs from online competitions, collaborations, remixes, fundraiser album entrees, both released and unreleased, as well as a few songs that didn't ever leave my hard drive. There's a bit of everything in there, it can get messy. Hope you enjoy!

    Youtube Version

    Equestrian Revolution 4
    Genre: Electronic / Alternative
    Artist: Aviators

    Description: Equestrian Revolution 4 is the final installment in a series of brony music remix albums. As with the previous albums, EQR4: Uprising is 100% free!

    The Long Goodbye
    Genre: Electronic
    Artist: Freewave

    Description: This album is a collection of the music I've made this year and deals with many of the same themes; Loneliness, recognition, community, friendship, and sadness. But mostly it's about ponies, the episodes of season 5, and my love of music. After my last album which was rock based I went back to my roots of EDM and echoes of the past. Styles ranging from Deep and Progressive House, Disco, Trance, Big Beat, Garage, Synthwave, and plenty of hybrids of genres. I have an upcoming Brony convention this month that will being using the proceeds I make from this album. Thanks to all those who've supported my music over the years and who still continue to.

    The Flutterdash Album
    Genre: Ponified Covers/ Parody / Indie Rock
    Artist: Maressey (various artists)

    Description: “I hope you enjoy the second of hopefully 4 Maressey albums. As you should know Maressey is a Ponified Tribute to the Music of The Smiths. Without them creating the original tracks this tribute or the music contained would not be possible. Their exploration of loneliness, sex, gender, love, and loss I felt could be translated into our own fimfiction of these characters and comment on ourselves. We did try to do something a bit different with this tribute and that is to find an MLP theme in each album (within this story of Rarijack and Flutterdash) and the next, with albums that tell an interwoven storyline in each.

    I have to thank quite a few people who have made an idea 3+ years ago into a realized 20+ person group project. Thanks to the wonderful people below who have helped throughout this project. They are all such incredibly talented and wonderful musicians and they have made this project all possible. I hope that people continue to support this project and those many musicians and artists involved.”~Freewave

    Mourning In Ponyville
    Genre: Dance, Dubstep, Ambient, Spoopy
    Artist: General Mumble

    Come Alive / Diamonds Remixed
    Genre: Electronic
    Artist: Various
    (Two mini-albums in this one.)

    So after all of the success with the first two singles of my final pony album, I decided to spice them up a bit more by delivering some brand new remixes from some of the most talented artists in (and outside of) the brony community! I hope you all love them as much as I did!

    Star Chaser - Direct Current
    Genre: Electronic
    Artist: Direct Current Music

    Youtube Album 

    New Album Submission: Guidelines/Rules

    To keep this fair and even for everyone, albums that don't follow these requirements will be rejected.

    • Must be be pony related
    • Have something pony related in the album cover or remix pony songs
    • We have posted a Youtube link to one of your songs in the past, via Music of the Day or Spotlight. (lots of non-pony musicians trying to sneak their albums in, that's wont be allowed anymore)
    • Must be 4 songs or more. If it is an EP with less, send in Youtube links for normal music review, preferably one song per email for filing. (this may change)

    Required information: 
    • Bandcamp link (some other services accepted too, just ask, including the full thing on Youtube)
    • Album name
    • Artist name, or "multiple artists" 
    • General Genre: (rock, pop, electronic, etc. Think of a music store). If it's everything, just say mixed. 
    • Description
    • (optional) Youtube preview

    Template for the email (Remove the brackets on submission): 

    [Bandcamp link]
    [Album Name]
    [Artist name]



    Trixie's Greatest Hits
    Artist: Trixie
    Genre: Electronic

    Description: Trixie best pony.

    All set? Fill that template in, and send it to the Submit Box!