• Whinny City Pony Con Announces Andrea Libman, Needs Volunteers

    Whinny City is ramping up their game as they proudly announce the attendance of Andrea Libman, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie in the flesh! Not only that, but they are looking for volunteers to make this the best convention it can be, so check on after the break to see how you can participate today!

    Fresh on the heels of another amazing season finale, we’re thrilled to welcome Andrea Libman to Whinny City Pony Con!

    If you were at the closing ceremonies of Ponyville Ciderfest you may have heard mention of this already, and we’re super excited to share the news with the rest of you! Andrea is a fan favorite at every convention she goes to, with her endless kindness and energy. You know that whole “sugar, spice, and everything nice” thing? That’s Andrea! 

    Don’t miss your chance to pre-register for the best prices on tickets, or to snatch up a sponsor badge before the one you want runs out! You can also get some one-on-one time with Andrea and the rest of our guests by getting a ticket to the 21+ VIP Cocktail Hour, or even better join all the guests for our Guest Meet and Greet Dinner, only available to Unicorn, Pegasus, Celestial, & Royal Guard Sponsors! We'll have more guests to announce in the near future, but we think Discord and Fluttershy are a great way to start!

    Volunteer Information:

    In addition, our volunteer applications are open! We're run by the same core team behind Ponyville Ciderfest, but as a first-year con, we still need some extra help with art, social media, logistics, as well as in every department! If you've ever wanted to help a pony con, this is your chance to help a brand new one get off to an incredible start! If you're accepted onto our staff, you get an exclusive staff t-shirt, a free badge, and discounted hotel space! See our Volunteer page for more info and to apply!
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