• Patch Notes for New Gameloft Game Update (2.6.0) Released. Screenshots of Everything!

    Gameloft finally got around to releasing the patch notes for their 2.6.0 Botique update, revealing all that was changed. Right now it is only available on the iOS version, though they did note that an update is coming for Android soon. We still don't have a date for the Underground edition.

    Below the break, get a ton of screenshots showing off the new stuff, as well as the patch notes.

    What's New in Version 2.6.0

    Your towns are getting a dash more colourful with all kinds of new stuff, including a brand-new way to customise your Mane Six ponies!

    -What's New-
    CANTERLOT CAROUSEL BOUTIQUE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Dress up your Mane Six with custom costumes, accessories and hair styles.

    6 NEW PONIES: Moondancer slides onto the scene along with Sheriff Silverstar and more!

    FUN SHOPS: Just in time for holiday shopping!

    HIGH-FLYING DECORATIONS: The Lilac Sky and Lavender Spirit Airships are sure to take off in your town!

    DISCORD SPEAKS: This dissonant dragon finally cleared his throat and has plenty to say. Just tap him and listen!

    CONTROLLER SUPPORT: Play your way with any of the newly supported iOS game controllers!

    Thanks to Flutterbat for the images, and Squeaky Belle, Ciserjack, + everyone else for the heads up.