• Music of the Day #607

    Now that Christmas is over how about some music my friends? Keep the cheer going by listening to some nice pony beats in today's Music of the Day!

    Get it all after the break!

    [1] Source

    Exiark - Pinkie Pie on Arsenic by Exiark

    [2] Source

    Snowdrop by Sonic Hooves

    [3] Source

    AnimatronicPony - The Return [FREE DOWNLOAD] by AnimatronicPony

    Tech House

    [4] Source

    The Story Of Hearth's Warming Eve by naturematthe


    [5] Source

    MLP MEP - Genorisoty - Aftermath remix by K art


    [6] Source

    Segments Of Life - Smoke And Mirrors by Segments Of Life

    Post Hardcore

    [7] Source

    [Electro-Swing] - Ponyville Swing by iDeltaVelocity

    [8] Source

    Friends Are Always There For You (fractilx remix) by InklingBear


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