• Brony Thank You Fund Seeking Artists for 2017 Charity Calendar

    Each year, the Brony Thank You Fund runs a charity calendar project with a bunch of the highly talented artists around the fandom. They are seeking to fill out their 2017 calendar now!

    If you have the skills, or are just curious about what will be going down, head on down below the break for it.

    The 2017 Brony Thank You Fund Charity Calendar is getting ready to go to press, and we’re an artist short of a full year. If you’d like to join the likes of Katie Cook, Sibsy, Tsitra360 and LeekFish, we’d love to see your work. The only catch is, we need it fast. We’re going to press in mid-January, so we need finished art in the next couple of weeks. All proceeds from the calendar benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, the 2016 calendar raised over $30,000 to help kids and adults suffering from this terrible disease.

    If you’d like to give it a shot, here’s the details:

    1) The theme for 2017 is Fine Arts Ponies. Reimagine a great work of art in the world of Equestria.  To give you a feel for what we mean, and to avoid duplicates, here’s the pieces that are already spoken for:

    The Mona Lisa (da Vinci)
    A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (Seurat)
    The Joy of Painting a la Bob Ross
    Campbell’s Soup Cans (Warhol)
    The Death Mask of King Tut
    Reptiles (M.C. Escher)
    The Unicorn Tapestry
    Son of Man (Magritte)
    Beatles (Peter Max)
    The Persistence of Vision (Dali)

    2) Please avoid pieces with religious themes (so no, no The Last Supper…)

    3) Use any characters you wish

    4) Finished art must be 300dpi 11x8.5 landscape full bleed

    Please send links to finished pieces (or inquiries) to info@bronythankyoufund.org